1The purpose of this program is to acknowledge the dedication of Maryland educators in order to advance best practices aligned to the Maryland College- and Career- Ready Standards. This program will allow Maryland Educators to manage their own professional learning by choosing activities based upon their professional needs. It should be a regular part of the conversation with the principal or supervisor regarding an educator's professional learning plan.
  The Maryland College and Career Readiness Professional Learning Program will allow educators to track their professional learning and earn points toward the completion of a Professional Learning Level. Completion of each level will lead to a certificate/badge and may also lead to CPD credit.
  • Levels are divided into 15 points each.
  • Completion of each level will be verified by the educator's principal or supervisor.
  • The principal/supervisor will be emailed to verify the professional learning entries of the educator.
  • Once approved, the educator will receive an email with a badge and also a link to print their personalized certificate.
  • Possible points that could lead to CPD credit will be tracked separately.
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